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The SINGLE MILLIONAIRES CLUB is not about quantity, it's about quality. Our responsibility is to  provide you with a venue to promote yourself to viable, like-minded people... sincere, visually attractive, mature and authentic millionaires (age 50 to 80), divorced or widowed, you desire to meet a beautiful, healthy, smart man or woman for a loving relationship or marriage. Your application will never be shared. 
We're not a match maker service. We do not match profiles, or provide any profile info to any other members. SMC will promote an array of venues to allow you to mingle with other people who are as successful as you, and that live the lifestyle of the enriched and famous. We provide various settings such as MIXERS, CRUISES, UPSCALE DINING etc. with SMC members.
Questions before you apply?  Email:


You Are  Perfect For Our Group When…

You're an unusually successful, mature man (single, divorced or widowed), sincere, healthy AND financially secure for life.

You live in New England., near or in a major city. Some of you live by the ocean or mountains. Others are in big city high-rises and many reside in tranquil, upscale suburbs.

You are a sophisticated, nice looking gentleman who will go the distance (literally) to meet a beautiful, smart and kind woman. Finding the same quality lady in your own hometown has been tough.


Conversely, you're an attractive successful woman who has been drawing less-than quality men, men who say they are successful but spend like it hurts.

You are anxiously waiting to meet  a beautiful, spirited and desirable person of the opposite sex eager to discover an everlasting soulmate and lover.

You are financially secure and can see the value of investing in your marital future.    


You've finally realized that online dating sites just don't work and other phone applications also have not panned out..


This will be the MOST important activity of your life if you're truly looking for quality.


Our networking parties are the first step in meeting others who appreciate advanced education, entrepreneurship,  business and career success.


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