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We provide many singles venues and events for the successful professional. These consist of networking parties and special events hosted in some of Boston's elite clubs and restaurants with professionals like yourself.

Opportunity never goes away, it just goes to someone else!

Services 1. NETWORKING

Enjoy special calendar events in some of the area's finest clubs, and restaurants. Our mission is to align financially successful professionals in a Networking / Special Event / venue environment in hopes that you, a successful professional, can find a partner or colleague in that same level of success.  We schedule these events monthly and have been the pinnacle of this concept since 1990. Many marriages have hatched out of these wonderful events. Sometimes we dine out with a limited amount of guests (first come first serve), other times we'll network at one of the area's finest nightspots. If you're a successful professional you cannot afford to miss out on these events. Get off the couch, put down the remote and binge watching device and come out with us and have a memorable experience, meeting successful people in the same category as yourself. 

Services 2


Our networking events are a sure way to increase your chances of maybe meeting that awesome special partner. It is so easy to open up warm conversation when you have something to talk about that you immediately have in common (success). This is the special sauce, so to speak, responsible for OUR continued success. 

Services 3. 

Think of it. A special networking forum that will allow you to meet other professionals successful people like yourself. We've been hosting these events since 1990. We actually are responsible for enhancing many professionals lives by the mere fact of them just attending one of our events. Our experience in networking is priceless.

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